The school year is in full swing and we bring you tips and tricks, which you have to try. We are offering you these tips.
1. DIY exercise book:
*choose your favorite pictures or drawings from social media sites or magazines
*cut out it and create collage how you want to
*with glue or tape stick your pictures on your exercise book
You can make it with pens or pencils with corolfull tapes.

2. DIY backpack:
*we need: plain backpack, stickers, craft blade, glue, small brush, pinbacks, foam boards
To start by taking the stickers that you want to put on your backpack and place them onto the foam board and
then take our crafting knife. You are just going to go ahead and cut around the sticker. Now to seal this. We are
just going to put a thin layer of glue on top of the sticker and then place a pin back on back side of it. And that´s
pretty. Now you can just put them on your backpack.

3. Give your teacher a gift on the first day of schoool and he gives you a hundred gold stars.
*billboard, colorfull sticky notes, pins, fixes

5. How to learn vocabulary?
*write words, which you have to learn
*print out it and stick on the place where you spend a lot of time in a day (a fridge, a toilet, a computer, a mirror)


*eat bananas and nuts, eat breakfast before school, drink lot of water
*turn your phone off when you are learning and everywhere bring your vocabulary
*take 20 minutes breaks every one or two hours (depending on your stress level)

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