Greeting from Austria

Hey! I´m very glad I can share my experiences with you again. Now I´m in Austria one and half month and I have a really good time. Oh, sorry: WE have a really good time! So I´m going to write you a few lines about our adventure. Enjoy! 

About us
We are just simple girls and one boy. We are also students like you. We have our families and friends in Slovakia. But these days we are in other country to get new experiences. Make new friends and great memories. We spend this time together always in good mood and friendly atmosphere. And this is very important. Sometimes you have to conform yourself and accept others. This is what the world is missing, but with friendships like in our small group you can make one more small peaceful place. This is message from our squad of Lenka, Natálka, Miro, Veronika, Karolína and me. Be always nice and good- doesn´t matter where (Slovakia, abroad, home, school, trip) and everything good comes to you back. 

First times
Yes it was stressful. We were full of expecations. When we had seen the hotel from train for the first time our hearts were like drums. We came to reception and everything has changed. The director was very nice. We were of course pleasured. We share together one big house with kitchen and gym, only Miro is in another haus. We got a really comfortable rooms.
In fact we don´t work all togther.  I´m with Veronika in smaller hotel, but it´s very luxury, new and beautiful- Elisabeth hotel. Others are in older hotel which is in Mayrhofen about 300 years, it´s really huge but warm, cosy and traditional- it´s hotel Neuhaus. The first day in work is always a little bit chaotic. You know, everything is new, everybody speaks in german language and you have still feeling like what can I do, what not to do, what with this and whit this. It´s normal. You dont have to have worries about ask anything. Just go and say it, ask it. They know you are here for the first time and they show you everything, just listen. 

And here we go. Now you know what you have to do. But how it works? How do we work? What about freetime? Something about school? There are a lot of things what can I say about abroad practice, but remember at first is your job. To be good, communicative and diligent.

All of us works two times per day. Mornings 9:00-14:00 and evenings 18:00-22:00. Between is something what names „Zimmer stunden“ (room hours) and in this time you have a rest you go to your room or out for coffee or walk around town. It´s on you how do you spend this time. We always go to the gym or to the town...or...we sleep. Yes, sleeping is important! J I can say we are really confident with our work. Somedays we have really stressful days, full hotel, we also make mistakes. Breakfast are simply and dinners are ceremonial-everything is very nice, in all restaurant is light from candles and play relaxing musik. In Elisabeth hotel is also something like „gala“. Gala evenings are a little bit glamorous we have more dishes, serves proseco and all evening plays pianist in the hotel hall. We speak also with guests, we still learn and a lot of guests ask where are we from, about school and your cuntry. Remeber you represent not only yourself or school but all country! Be just kind and everything will be alright. Here are also Slovak guest, or guests from Czech republic, from Russia, Great Britain, Germany and so much more. So sometimes you can speak in your language but good for you is when you learn basic phrases in english language such as „you are welcome“ or „here you are.“ Last thing abou work is „dont worry and smile.    



Finally! This is the most favourite part for all people. I can promise you will have perfect freetime in place like Alps. Trips, cofee, sleeping, laughing, shopping, discovering, party, fun, pizza, gym, cinema, long talking, night snacks. What can I say. We have been on Ahorn (2000m), Innsbruck (shopping and sightseeing). Normal free time and zimmer stunden we spend often in gym or we go to pizza, coffee, shopping in Hofer by train or here in Billa or Spar. I had also wrote we use to sleep. When we have next day free we go to the party, or we spend time together in kitchen and just have fun with talking stories and listening music or watching films. Important is to be careful. 

So for this time it´s all. We have a full „to do“ list and now we have to go reach our „practise dreams“. I´m looking forward to send you next letter about us and our experiences. Thank you for reading and crossed fingers. With love your Alex and dream team from Austrian alps. <3

P.S.: we miss you Izabela