Leisure time in the eyes of our principal

What do you imagine under the term leisure time?
„I enjoy beauty and often dedicate working in the garden. Sometimes I like reading an interesting book. And also I  can´t imagine summer holiday without  the sea. I prefer hot weather and in my opinion, the sea is for me a base of energy.“

Which talent did you develop from her childhood?
 In my childhood I was reciteing, playing theatre, taking part in different competitions and never planning to work in education.

What an ideal day mean for you?
 The day which I can spend with my children.

Which hobby do you consider dangerous, creative and helpful?
 I don´t like handmaking like knitting. As I have mentioned like working in the garden, something effective.

Did you try any adrenalin sport?
 Yes, I tried a banana on the sea. It  was fine. I´m not scared of height or flight. I´d like to try  paragliding.

Are you interested in fashion or do you follow fashion blogs?
 I don´t follow fashion blogs. These are my daughters who show and tell me about fashion news. In any case I keep inspiration from magazines and TV programm "fashion TV". At home I have got magazines like EMMA, MADAM, EVA.

Have you got any pet which spend you your lesuire time with?
 No, I haven’t currently. Once I had a rabbitby name Zuza. It died and was already 12 years old. When I am being retired, I will buy a dog,. I would like to have a big dog, which I will walk to forest with. But first, I must move into a family house.

Do you like to cook?
Yes i do. Mostly flour meals. That is what my family likes. I don't do it everyday but on weekends. I like when my family says the food is good and they enjoy it.

Name one place you would like to travel to...
I like the north countries. I always go somewhere south and this is something i dreamed of for a long time. The nature must be wonderful. I'd take Miss Blasbalgová with me. Sometimes we just sit down and dream of Norway.

Three things you would take to an abandoned island?

Well that is really hard. But I think some person. I think my kids. Maybe some book so i have something to do. And a gun so i can protect myself.

Maturity theme
The leisure time is a time, people like to spend in their free time. It´s usually time for having fun, relax, and active life. There is many ways how to spend this time.....
We can spend our leisure time:
            young people, and adults
actively, it means doing sport, working in the garden, supporting our talents.....
passivel, . watching TV, reading  books, playing computer games….....
Summer leisure activities:
Gardening - grow fruit, cut the grass,
Do sports - cycling, swimming, playing tennis, golf, football,
Go out with friends - to a musical concert, to the cinema, to the theatre, to the pub,
Go to the nature - hiking, go for a walk, climbing, to pick mushrooms......
Go to the ZOO..
Winter leisure activities:
Do sports - go skiing, snowboarding, skating, we can play ice-hockey
Go to the fitness centre
Play  musical instruments -  guitar, a piano, a violin....
Do practical jobs around the house - decorating, repairing, cooking and baking as
their hobby...
Collect stamps, meet with friends in a pub or in a cafe, to the disco, to the cinema,theatre, to an art exhibition,
Can study languages, computers, do crosswords, folk dancing, choir singing