New year, new trends

If one year ends and another begins, the world will see some new trends
 in dressing. No, it won't  be otherwise in 2018. What will be in game 
in this year?

1.   Bright colors
The color of the year will be a lavender color that has enchanted in many fashion shows. This non-violent and very efficient color shade is a timeless detail in every outfit. 

2.   White accessories
White features and details are able to revive every outfit in the upcoming season. White shoes, handbags, earrings bring you look of elegance and femininity.

3. Plastic
The spring will be in a plastic spirit. Jackets, patents, shoes and plastic handbags should indicate the trend in 2018. 

4. Brave socks                                                                    
Finally, there is a trend that appeals to bold and witty women.

5. Decorated shoes

6. Big logos
This street trend will hit again in 2018. It gives you the opportunity to look for different colour and sizes.

7. Sequins
An invaluable part of the latest trends includes filtered accessories or pieces of clothing that show their great return.

8. Earrings                                                                      
The bigger the better. From huge circles to hard-looking metallic elements. And also metallic colour.

9. Berets                                                                          
Berets will be the hit of this year's autumn. And not just black. The red, orange or brown shades are also nice.

10. Shaped shoulders                                      
Fashion returns over time, even with this trend. The shaped shoulders on sweaters, coats or jackets are "must have" of this season.

And what do you think about this year’s trends? Do you like it?