The King´s speech

I haven't heard about the movie before. The title of the film wouldn't necessarily have caught my eye. That's why I am really glad I saw that movie. Because I wouldn't watch it on my own. Wow! It was really a good one. I am amazed. So I have to say Thank you ! :) 
I also didn't know about the story in the royal family. It taught me something new and gave me a little look in British history. 
The performance by Colin Firth was absolutely brilliant. The story is well developed. The story gives us a fascinating look into the struggles faced by George VI on his way to becoming king of England. But the heart of the movie is the relationship between George and Lionel Logue who is helping him overcome his speech problems. 

In the end a true friendship develops between the men. Since they are both such charming characters, it's a joy to watch. For me it's certainly a film I would recommend to my friends. I think it could be an inspiration to anyone with communication difficulties.
Kristína Grečnárová, 4.F