History of school management and its activities

Tradition of trade, crafts, services, and international contacts has its roots in the Middle Ages.  In proportion to the development of crafts also apprenticeship system was being developed. The industrialists and entrepreneurs of Žilina associated in Zilina Industrial Body have built  a New Art Nouveau Building, known as the House of Artisans, in 1910,  the facade of which consists of  two reliefs including 17 figures showing  different kinds of crafts.  There are the real  beginnings of our schol here.

Background  of management and names of the school in years

           by 1856                            Móric Kropáči                     Industrial-apprentice school
           after the II.WW             Štefan Hančin                     Apprentice school (AŠ)
          1960-1972                        Štefan Milo                          AS of services, catering, shop
          1972-1979                        Karol Dobiš                          Vocational school (VS)
          1979-1991                        Samuel Fraňo                       VS of caterers
          1991-2008                       Ing. Silvia Brunová             Associated schol,  Hlinská 31
          2008-                               Ing. Helena Milčevová       Hotel Academy,  Hlinská 31
These days life of the school

Our school provides education for students aged 16 – 20.  A typical feature of our school is its high level of professionalism.
Cca. 600 students attends the schol in the school term 2016/2017. There are approximately 130 school-leavers / graduates a year. The school employs 60 teachers and trainers.