5 beautiful girls and 5 great experiences abroad

I had a great time in Austria this year. I worked as a waitress at a pizza restaurant.
It was really cool, because I got to speak with the guests and my colleagues a lot, so
I could practice and improve my German and English very intensely and that’s one of
the greatest benefits for me. Another awesome thing is that you get to know many
different people there and through them various foreign cultures. That can help you
see the things from other points of view and understand people more.
If you’re thinking about going to the training abroad, go! :)

I am grateful that I could be a foreign practitioner because I have  improved in the
work but also personally. The work wasn´t so hard though sometimes there were
more people in our hotel. Time when we were free we used as much as possible. I
have travelled a lot and have seen a lot.
The most beautiful was the Swarovski Museum. Many people imagine a lot of jewels,
but the opposite is true. This museum was like a sci-fi house only a few jewels. Each
room had a different idea , and each one was as from future. Also a great experience
for me was to see the Austrian sea. There were the Alpine Mountains along the sea
and the pier with boats.
I am grateful for all, new experiences, my work possibilities, people I have met and so..

As I spent last 3 months in Austria where I was practising, I would like to give you my
opinion of it. I consider this stay beneficial because you can experience different
stereotypes of nationalites. I could see the approach towards customers but also the
communication with suppervisor.
If I compare the way the staff treated the customers in Austria I must say they
behaved friendly, willingly following the slogan "Our customer, our master". I dont
think the staff in catering facilities in Slovakia deals with dinners this way. I would
recommend this experience to all students of our school to get motivation for their
future self-improvement to be skilled in their job. 

My name is Lenka. Thanks to studying at the Hotel Academy in Žilina, my schol, I
took 3 months of foreign work experience. in Austria, at the same place which I had
worked in for the first time a year ago. I have worked in a hotel as a waiter. At the
beginning it was little strange. There was a lot of work and new people, who I was
communicating with only in German or English. I was working for 9 hours a day. Even
though it was hard to manage.. 
I have supported in my friendship with my schoolmates. A lot of time we spent
together and we can remember the most beautiful memories for ever.
Once, I hope, I will come back.
Hello. I graduated a foreign practice in Austria, three months. It was second time in
the same hotel, for me. What can I say ? I didn´t want to go back, home. For me it´s
always amazing time when I´m self-inflicted.
Of course, you must learn how to live without your family, friends and all what you
know. But do you know what happens ? You will become more confident, more
thankful than ever in you life. And that´s really great feeling. It´s funny, because two
years ago I would not believe that these are my words.
Now, I´m grateful. I don´t need anything makes me more happy because I´m happy
with myself.

           So go, try it and you will see how do you grow. :)