Every human in the world loves music. There are many of music styles, thousands of bands and interprets and millions of songs.

 We can find something more than just empty words in music. Every lyrics contains bits of our lives. Music is a way to express hapiness, love, but also sadness and depression. When I make music, I do not make it only for myself but also for people that listen to it and love it just as I do.
In my opinion, making of songs that are able to make a day of someone better is the best use of time. Through music we can say everything that we would not normally talk about. For many years components try to make songs that will be played even after they pass away. That is the reason why when I make music I pour my heart into it.
As one well-known historic once said: " who wants to understand music does not need hearing as much as heart" .

David Palutka, 4.F