Weekly fun facts about teachers - part 1

Teacher´s Day Gallery Fun Facts:

Teachers’ Day is an event that celebrates teachers worldwide, which fals on 28th *March in Slovakia (on Jan Amos Komensky date of birth). No matter what subject they taught!  Share their stories together with ones of our schol teachers, too.
We’ve already shared interviews with some of our teachers because the teachers are pretty important people. Almost every student has a teacher that he or she considers an inspiration. What made your favorite teacher an inspiration to you?
This feast is a celebration of the work of all teaching staff, whose work is the mission and deserve for their understanding, patience and sacrifice respect and gratitude.

Celebrities in the professions of teachers in contrast to teachers of our school:

Sylvester Stallone
Famous for films like Rocky, Rambo ...
He once studied in beauty school, but dropped 
out to attend the American College of Switzerland, 
where he studied drama and worked as a gym teacher.

 Ing. Helena Milčevová:
The Hotel Academy´s director, management teacher. She  is  proud of  any results of HA students.
Hobby: gardening, reading interesting books
        Summer holiday and relaxing at the sea