Weekly fun facts about teachers - part 4

Hello my dear readers, welcome to another funfacts about teachers. I hope that previous parts was good and this one will be as good as the past or even better.

Alexander Graham Bell:

Though he’s best known for creating the telephone, he got his start by teaching Visible Speech at the Boston School for Deaf Mutes in Massachusetts, USA.

Ing. Ľubka Ťažká
The  teacher  of  Chemistry  and  vocational         subjects.  She  has been  teaching  over  24 years. She wanted  to  be a guide and travel around the world
Hobby: tourism, travelling, gardening, reading
♥ Nature and Family

Ezra Koenig:

The lead singer of the band Vampire Weekend started his professional life as an English teacher in Brooklyn, NY, as part of the Teach for America program.